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     Music Management

    Music Manager

    Song Encyclopedia
    Store an unlimited number of songs and have the ability to search by numerous categories.
    Track the format the song is recorded on and the track # for easy accessibility and in Multiple locations.
    Add a new song, delete or update an existing song.
    Print your database by Artist, Title, Year, Type of Music or by Media Name.

    You can add a new Joke, delete or update an existing Joke. You can print out a copy of the joke for your reference.

    This form will allow you to add a new game, delete or update an existing Game. You can print out a copy of the game for your reference.

    Allows you to store News events, celebrity and artist’s birthdays, historic moments & other important information that will help you look more professional and knowledgeable.

    Artist form contains all the Artists in the database. Each Artist will be shown with his name, a complete list of all their hits, and an area to insert a picture of the artist.

    Log the activities and songs that will happen throughout the night like time of dinner, First Dance, Throwing of Bouquet and the music you would like to play.
    Use this as a guideline throughout the night and it will give you time to entertain and work the crowd.

    The scheduler will automatically fill in your bookings from the program log.

    • Reports starting & ending times of your event and the Location.
    • Print out your schedule into a weekly format allowing you to three hole punch the calendar and insert it into a binder.
    • You can print the schedule for One DJ or all of your DJs
    • Artist
    • Title
    • Year
    • Type of Music
    • Media Name
    • Wedding Reception Questionaire

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    Description SKU # Price
    Single User Version DJ-1 $   249   US
    Unlimited Users-Network Version DJ-2 $   599   US
    Royalty Free Developer Version DJ-3 $1,499   US

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